Enkindled - detail


The light that dawns on us at Epiphany
is the same light that came into being
at the dawn of creation;
Infinite God
manifest in finite form.

Grant that this light,
enkindled in our hearts,
may shine forth in our lives.

This piece was an experiment in something I’ve never done before; pouring paint and manipulating it on the surface by moving the canvas, or blowing air across it.  The detail above shows some of the really interesting things that happened, from the marblizing of the green and white, to the cracking that happened where some of it was really thick.  I didn’t have a lot of control over how it turned out!

Enkindled  –  16″ x 20″  –  house-paint, gold pigment, on recycled canvas – Epiphany 2017

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  1. Julie says:

    Posted right during the time when my dad was maybe having his own epiphany… ” So this is Heaven!!”
    Thank you for such a beautiful liturgical and
    Expression of such an experience!

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